Ninja Heroes of Fortnite

Ninjas are very mobile, extremely lethal and tons of fun. When played skillfully they can put up some of the highest combat numbers in the game. Although they might have a slightly higher learning curve than some of the other point and shoot classes in the game.

An incredibly mobile class, ninja can cover an vast amount of ground very quickly on the battlefield due to their Mantis Leap ability. Their mobility helps to aid them execute swift and deadly strikes with precision and ease. The ninja have a variety of highly damaging abilities at their disposal. From massive lunging sword slashes, to roundhouse kicks, to throwing kunai, throwing smoke, and of course, throwing shuriken.

Most of their perks focus around their abilities and improving many different facets of melee oriented combat. Such as swords, spears, scythes, and melee in general. Other more defensive abilities also exist. As well as some cool utility perks, like movement speed that can be beneficial at times.

With low base health and moderate shields, ninjas are surprisingly adept at staying alive amidst the chaos of the battlefield. Thanks in part due to having innate abilities like Shadow Stance that give them some form of damage resistance. In fact, their hero loadouts can be quite tanky when created right.

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