JONESEE-Bot is the first new item of content for the Season 11 update. He is a costumed soldier hero, originally available in the event store for 2,800 gold. As part of a new set of heroes soon to be available during the Fortnitemares 3.0 event.

SEE-Bot is one of the most beloved characters in the entire Save the World universe and this Jonesy inspired cosplay version of him is fantastic. The costume details look amazing.

He seems to be a fairly neutral soldier hero that focuses on ranged weaponry in general. Aiming to incorporate more headshots into your gameplay. He just as easily works with Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, or Sniper Rifles.

His brand new perk, "OW. MY EYE!" adds a unique twist to gameplay that we haven't seen yet in Save the World. That is essentially a hero that gets more powerful based off of how much health you have lost. Encouraging you to take damage, if you want to do the most damage. Creating an interesting balancing act between living and dying.

When used as your commander, his perk allows some headshot eliminations to conjure a Phantasm, from JONESEE-Bot, that will seek out a nearby target and explode. Creating an AoE damage effect to it in a half tile radius. It acts as a homing missile of sorts. It doesn't seem to set off propane tanks. We will see how this new perk plays out with any other perks that are released with this new event including any new weapons in the Black Metal set.

Thankfully we have shields as well as a health bar to keep us alive and it seems as if there will be a premium on keeping your shields up when using this hero in your loadouts. The new Black Metal set hasn't been released yet but it seems to insinuate you will lose health as you use the weapons. Creating a pretty cool synergy with a hero like JONESEE-Bot that we will analyze properly when the time comes.

Shield perks make a lot of sense for a hero like this. Two come to mind, Energy Siphon from Intergalactic Ken and In a Pinch from Chromium Ramirez. Headshot damage weapons and perks also seem like obvious synergies as well like Make It Rain from Urban Assault Headhunter.

Cyberclops seems like a great match to pair with the Phantasm ability, increasing your overall AOE damage potential. Azalea Clark can increase Phantasm damage with the Space Technology perk.


Increases Headshot damage up to 50% based on the percentage of your missing Health. Headshot eliminations have a 50% chance to conjure a Phantasm (targets a nearby enemy, dealing 62 base Energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius).


Increases Headshot damage up to 50% based on the percentage of your missing Health.

Lefty and Righty

Cost: 50.0
Cooldown: 100.0 seconds
Equip two pistols which deal physical damage per shot and fire 6 shots per second. Lasts 10 seconds.

Goin' Commando!!!

Cost: 30.0
Cooldown: 50.0 seconds
Equip a minigun which deals physical damage per shot and fires 18 shots per second. Lasts 10 seconds.

War Cry

Cost: 50.0
Cooldown: 90.0 seconds
Shout an inspiring War Cry, granting nearby allies +45% weapon damage, +30% fire rate, and +20% melee attack speed for 12 seconds.

Supressive Fire

Consecutive shots against the same target deal an additional 3% Damage, up to 5 stacks. Bonus lost on target switch.

Stay Frosty

After 3 eliminations, increases Ranged Weapon Damage by 10% and Weapon Stability for 35% for 7 seconds. Additional eliminations refresh duration.

Hero Loadouts

Need a suggestion on who to use for your Hero Loadouts? There are so many different customizable options that are fun to try. We are only going to provide a few of our personal favorites. If you want to build your own hero loadout, feel free to use our Hero Loadout Builder and tell us all about it!