Loot Llama Piñatas

Loot Llama Piñatas are one of the main ways in the game to acquire any of the heroes, guns, traps and/or survivors that you will need to progress throughout your journey in Fortnite Save the World. They can be obtained by spending V-Bucks, Epic's in game currency, using the collection book or as various in game rewards. V-Bucks can be acquired in game by completing missions and quests. They can also be purchased through the store front.

As such a vital part of the game process it is important to understand just what differences there are between all the different llamas. There are a lot of different options available to you and not all llamas are created equal. Llama choices are also limited.

There are four main categories of loot llama piñatas in Fortnite Save the World. They are Standard llamas, Event llamas, Rotating llamas and Collection Book llamas. Some of these Llamas qualify as X-Ray Llamas, allowing you to see the contents inside before you buy them. Let's take a look at all the different llama types below.

X-Ray Llamas in the Item Shop.

X-Ray Llamas

Seebot didn't see this one coming! Epic Games changed the game on January 29th, 2019 with the addition of X-Ray Llamas to the Item Store in patch 7.30. These unprecedented llamas actually allow you to see the contents inside before you buy them! That's not a typo. You actually get to see what is inside before you purchase the items. That's amazing!

The X-Ray Llamas appear one at a time. They include your standard Upgrade Llamas and the Rotating Llama of the day. The Upgrade Llamas will refresh when the Item Store refreshes, to offer you a different option daily.

Standard Llamas

The two most common types of llamas you will encounter in Fortnite Save the World are Mini llamas and Upgrade llamas. Mini-llamas are gotten by completing missions and challenges in game. The amount obtained can vary depending on the difficulty of the challenge. The contents include a few basic items and seasonal event income of some type. The mini-llama has the chance to upgrade to silver, producing more items.

Upgrade llamas are your standard Fortnite llama and come with a few basic items. As a bonus they have a high chance of upgrading to silver and/or gold quality to produce better quality items and more of them.

Event Llamas

Event Llamas are special limited edition llamas that can only be obtained during a special seasonal event within the game. The event tickets used to buy the event llamas can typically be found within in game missions, standard llamas and rotating llamas. They can contain special event specific items and standard items from within the game.

Rotating Llamas

Many different kinds of Llamas fall into the Rotating llama category. These options are typically more expensive than your normal Upgrade llama and contain a relative amount of more loot. Sometimes of a specific type. Rotating llamas tend to change at variable intervals every day in the store. They usually have limited quantities available for purchase.

Collection Book Llamas

Llamas found within the Fortnite Save the World Collection Book. Some may be exclusive and only obtainable after completing certain milestones within the collection book itself.