Traps of Fortnite Save the World

Traps are one of the most unique and essential aspects to Fortnite Save the World. Fortifying your objectives and defending them is your number one priority if you'd like to survive the storm. Nothing will help you do that more than the various traps provided for our use. Traps come in three different varieties, Ceiling, Floor & Wall Traps.

  • Ceiling Traps: To date there are four ceiling traps that fall into two main types of ceiling traps. The kind that affect a wide 3x3 area and the kind that affect a single tile. All the traps in this category provide damage. Half are physical, half are nature.
  • Floor Traps: Floor traps have a variety of uses in the game. Some traps do damage and some provide a niche utility. There are snares, methods for healing, freeze traps for stopping enemies in their tracks, a launcher and much more.
  • Wall Traps: Wall traps can often be the last line of defense for your objectives. As such they provide a range of utility. There are a few different damaging traps and a couple traps to slow down ambitious husks that breach unwanted areas.

Below we have links to all the different trap types, a basic ranking list for leveling and a quick statistics page.

Trap Types

Find out more details about the different kind of trap types in the game by selecting a link below.

Trap Extras

Here you will find more general information related to traps. All of the trap statistics are here for comparison. We have general trap rankings as well, to give you a basic idea of what traps you might want to level up in what order.