Last Word Pistol

Pistol: Revolver. Mid-range revolver with a limited magazine but excellent headshot damage. Slow and precise when aiming downsights, or can be rapidly fired from the hip for a more damaging, less accurate spray of bullets.
Last Word
+10 Critical Rating
+30% Weapon Stability
Water and +5% Damage
+27% Headshot Damage
+20% Damage
Headshot eliminations cause an explosion, damaging enemies within 0.5 tiles for 30% weapon damage.

Last Word Stats

Main Stats

Damage: 81
Crit Chance: 15%
Crit Damage: 75%
Fire Rate: 5.0
Magazine Size: 6
Range: 3840
Durability: 375
Durability per Use: 0.19
Reload Time: 2.3
Ammo Type: Medium Bullets
Ammo Cost: 1
Impact: 323


Point Blank: 81
Mid Range: 56.70
Long Range: 16.20
Max Range: 1.62


Point Blank: 768
Mid Range: 2048
Long Range: 3840


Base: 0.40
Down Sights: x0.30
Standing Still: x0.60


Point Blank: 323
Mid Range: 226
Long Range: 65
Max Range: 6.46

Environmental Damage

Point Blank: 33
Mid Range: 23
Long Range: 7
Max Range: 0.66

Hero Loadouts

A list of hero loadouts that include this weapon within the build. If you want to build your own hero loadout, feel free to use our Hero Loadout Builder and tell us all about it!