Compare Heroes of Fortnite Save the World

The compare heroes tool is an easy way to determine quickly which heroes you may or may not be interested in using in your hero setups. You can currently compare up to three heroes at one time. Just select the heroes you want to compare from the dropdown boxes below and click the "Compare Heroes" button. You can even compare the same heroes with each other for those people into that kind of stuff. Why not.

Statistics that are gray are identical. Green statistics are higher and red statistics are lower. Abilities that match will appear green, while non-matches will appear gray.

Health Amount of damage needed to kill this character. 505    
HP Regen Health regenerated per second, while below the health regen threshold. 13    
Shield A barrier that absorbs damage, protecting the hero from losing health. Regenerates quickly if it stops taking damage. 228    
Shield Regen Rate Shield regenerated per second. 57    
Shield Regen Delay Shield regeneration pauses for this long after suffering damage. 8    
HP+Shield The hero's combined health and shields. 733    
Hero Ability Damage Modifier on ability and gadget damage done by this Hero. 1.5    
Hero Healing Modifier Multiplier on the amount of health restored by this Hero's abilities and gadgets. 1.53    
Run Speed The hero's movement speed. 410    
Sprint Speed The hero's sprint speed. 550    
1 Seismic Smash Smash the ground, creating a fissure of energy which deals energy damage to enemies.    
2 Shock Tower Deploy a device which shocks nearby enemies, stunning them and dealing 12 damage.    
3 Phase Shift Quickly dash through space, gaining 30% increased movement speed for 3 seconds.