Bloodfinder A.C. Outlander

"Invite me in!" - Bloodfinder A.C.
Bloodfinder A.C.

Iron Knuckles+

Increases Anti-Material Charge Damage to enemies by 225%.

Iron Knuckles

Increases Anti-Material Charge Damage to enemies by 75%.


Cost: 30.0
Cooldown: 60.0 seconds
Deploy a husk-crushing robot bear which deals 13 damage per shot and fires 4 shots per second. TEDDY lasts 15 seconds.

Seismic Smash

Cost: 40.0
Cooldown: 15.0 seconds
Smash the ground, creating a fissure of energy which deals energy damage to enemies.

Phase Shift

Cost: 15.0
Quickly dash through space, gaining 30% increased movement speed for 3 seconds.

Anti-Material Charge

Cost: 45 energy
Punch forward, destroying structures and harvesting their materials. Deals Damage to enemies. Activate Heavy Attack with your pickaxe equipped.

In The Zone

After 5 consecutive hits with your pickaxe, increases Pickaxe Damage by 25% and Movement Speed by 7.5%. During In The Zone, nearby containers glow. Switching weapons ends buff.

Loot Llama

Cost: 1 Ammo: Fragment Charge
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Purple Charge Fragments create a Loot Llama for you and your teammates to wail on with your pickaxe! The Loot Llama contains materials and crafting ingredients.

Hero Loadouts

Need a suggestion on who to use for your Hero Loadouts? There are so many different customizable options that are fun to try. We are only going to provide a few of our personal favorites. If you want to build your own hero loadout, feel free to use our Hero Loadout Builder and tell us all about it!