Outlander Heroes of Fortnite

Outlanders are a very unique type of class that has many subclasses that specialize in vastly different areas of gameplay. Some Outlanders excel at resource farming. Other Outlander subclasses are more combat oriented. Some have very strong auto abilities and function somewhat like a summoning class would in other video games.

All Outlanders have three passive abilities. The first is the ability to summon a big metal loot llama piñata that anyone can destroy to get resources called Loot Llama. Anti Material Charge can make short work of buildings, random objects and husks. In The Zone can increase your Movement Speed and Pickaxe Damage for a short period of time.

Outlanders have a pool of four different abilities to mix and match from. Phase Shift allows the hero to have exceptional mobility. Teleporting short distances with a set amount of rechargable charges. The Tactical. Electronic. Destruction. Device... Yeah. aka T.E.D.D.Y. and Shock Tower can be deployed on the battlefield.

T.E.D.D.Y. is a gigantic metal robot bear that shoots machine guns and sometimes lasers from it's eyes. It also makes a great shield to hide behind. Shock Tower can be used to eliminate husks or stun them at close range in a small area. Seismic Smash can send out a focused beam of damage across different levels of terrain.

They remain some of the best commanders when creating farming loadouts in the entire game. As well as some of the most damaging loadouts available. Some have a special affinity for pistols and/or SMG style gameplay.

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