Constructor Heroes of Fortnite

Constructors are the meat and potatoes of the hero classes. They are hearty, durable and offer loads of improvements to your builds. Especially with their innate B.A.S.E. ability. They specialize in building bases, crowd control, blunt melee damage and explosives! They're one of the only classes in the game to enhance your traps.

Constructors have two passive abilities. B.A.S.E. increases your structures walls, floors, ceilings, etc. of all of your bases with extra Armor, making them more durable. This has a limited range. Kinetic Overload adds an AOE effect to your melee weapons, that procs when you knockback or stagger an enemy. It also increases your Melee Impact Damage. That stack.

Abilities include but are not limited to a mountable turret named R.O.S.I.E. for suppressing the husk hordes you encounter. A deployable dummy D.E.C.O.Y. device that is great for rounding up husks into a confined area temporarily while you dispatch them. A sweeping Bull Rush charge that is great for clearing walls or going through them.

Plasma Pulse gives Constructors the ability to drop mines and create choke points. Goin' Constructor turns your Constructor into a human wrecking ball of destruction. You get to go all medievil on the husks hammer and shield style while enjoying practical invulnerability.

Constructors offer loads of improvements to the B.A.S.E. ability through the perk system. As well as some blunt melee enhancements and a few defensive fortfications such as Armor perks. They also have some of the highest base health and shield values in the game. Making them quite tanky with the right setups.

All in all there is room for a Constructor or four on any team makeup. They offer so much versatility to different playstyles. From rocket spam builds to tanky melee builds to B.A.S.E. bot builds where your traps do all the work. They bring a lot to the table and are quite viable to play, including solo.

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